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The 2018 19U State Baseball Tournament will be played Friday, July 27th - Sunday, July 29th


Pelham High School and Calera Sports Complex ( or other Shelby County venue)

Please plan to play at 9am on Friday morning, July 27th.

Two pool play games on Friday then the semi-finals and championship game on Saturday.

The Department Commander, Harry Christian, drew the pool match-ups.


Facility/Site Game # Start Date   Times   # of teams
          Regulation 90' bases 6 teams
PELHAM HS 1 27-Jul-2018 19U 9:00AM 1v2  
PELHAM HS 2 27-Jul-2018 19U 12:00PM 2v3  
PELHAM HS 3 27-Jul-2018 19U 3:00PM 1v3  
Eagle Sports Complex 4 27-Jul-2018 19U 9:00AM 4v5  
Eagle Sports Complex 5 27-Jul-2018 19U 12:00PM 4v6  
Eagle Sports Complex 6 27-Jul-2018 19U 3:00PM 5v6  
PELHAM HS 7 28-Jul-2018 19U 9:00AM a1 v b2  
PELHAM HS 8 28-Jul-2018 19U 12:00PM b1 v a2  
PELHAM HS 9 28-Jul-2018 19U 3:00PM wgm7 v wgm8 Championship
          Pool A  
        1 Post 555  
        2 Post 61  
        3 Post 22  
          Pool B  
        4 Post 237  
        5 Post 34  
        6 Post 70